Press Coverage

We’re proud to be featured by various platforms who are spreading awareness of vegan fashion, and sharing our outlook towards a world that is kinder to animals and the planet.

"...gorgeous new label Kinds of Grace – a PETA certified company that truly gives back."

"Vegan and made from pineapple leather? The future of handbags has arrived. "

" inspiring entrepreneur and an agent of positive change towards a kind and fair world."

"The team at Kinds of Grace is all vegan...and committed to making the world a kinder place for animals, people, and our planet."

"If you love a luxury bag that stands out of the crowd, this vegan brand is one you shouldn’t miss."

"For bold and feminine designs, enter Melbourne vegan handbag label, Kinds Of Grace."

"...a material made from pineapple leaf fibre, utilising what would otherwise be waste... Kinds of Grace with their first Piñatex collection"

"...there are many vegan brands springing up as more sustainable options... Kinds of Grace, founded by Grace Newstead, is one such brand"

"I have never seen such high quality and sexy vegan leather bags before."

Where to shop ethically - Kinds of Grace in the ultimate brand roundup.

"I loved the Bravia Onyx Handbag as soon as I saw it"

Cruelty-Free shopping - our favorite cruelty-free and vegan brands.

"...appreciating the beauty of nature and animals without taking from them."

"Thanks to brands like Kinds of Grace, sacrificing your values for your fashion choices is no longer an issue!"

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