Our Materials

All of our materials are vegan, so no animals are harmed or killed for them. Our materials are also better for the planet than their animal counterparts. You can read the Global Fashion Agenda's Pulse of the Fashion Industry report to learn more about material sustainability comparisons.

vegan leather bag

Vegan Leather

Cow skin leather is the single most environmentally impactful material to produce, and is made from slaughtered cows.

The vegan, eco-PU (polyurethane) synthetic leather, the material we use for most of our handbags, has less than half the environmental footprint of animal leather. We have selected rugged variants for our designs, to maximize long term durability.

We never use PVC, a different kind of synthetic material which is less sustainable.

All of our vegan leathers, snake and crocodile 'skins' are made from this material.

pinatex pineapple leather silver handbag


Piñatex is primarily made of pineapple leaf fibre. The leaves of the pineapple plant are normally discarded in fruit production. By using these leaves for fashion a waste product becomes a profitable co-product, financially supporting fruit farmers (instead of the meat industry, as animal leather does).

The leaf fibre is coated in a renewable biomass resin, derived from crops like sugarcane and corn.

We offer a growing range of bags made from this innovative eco-material.

vegan tweed handbag

Vegan Wool Tweed

The wool industry harms and eventually kills millions of sheep. It is also the second most impactful material to produce in regards to global warming potential and the release of greenhouse gas emissions.

Our vegan wool is man-made, with a significantly reduced environmental impact to produce.

We offer a selection of vegan wool tweed handbags and purses.

Vegan Silk Lining

Vegan Silk Lining

Thousands of silkworms are boiled alive and killed for a small amount of silk, and the materials production is the second most environmentally impactful of all, only after cow skin leather. Silk production results in more greenhouse gas emissions than any other material.

Our vegan silk is man-made from polyester, which has a well less than half the eco-impact to produce.

The majority of our bags are lined with this material.

Vegan plastic-free packaging


All our bags are wrapped in tissue wrap and paper padding, with a reusable dust bag. The goods are then packed in a recyclable cardboard box, before being handed to the courier providers. No single use plastic or bubble wrap is used within the box.