Caring For Your Vegan Leather Bag

black croc embossed vegan handbag and model in green dress


Our ethically made luxury vegan handbags are more sustainable when they're well cared for, and so last for years to come.

As with all bags, there are a few things that you should do to ensure your vegan bag lasts well. Handle it with care, and don't let it get too scuffed up by throwing it around or leaving it to rub against rough surfaces. To help the bag keep its best form, you can leave it slightly filled when out of use, and keep it upright. For extra protection, you can keep your purse in the dust bag it arrives in. To ensure the color of your bag stays the same, store it out of sunlight - though this is a lesser concern than with animal skin leather.

Animal skin leather handbags can also be stained over time with the oils from your hands. They need to be cleansed and moisturised with a leather conditioner to stay supple and unmarked. Stains can be permanently damaging, and are complicated to clean. If you accidentally use the wrong thing to clean your bag, it can be made far worse. 

Caring for vegan leather is far more simple than that.


Tips for caring for synthetic vegan leather

The majority of our Kinds of Grace bags are made from a faux leather material called polyurethane. This material is more sustainable than cow skin leather to produce, is free from animal-cruelty, and has some benefits to it when it comes to care:

You don't need to moisturise your vegan leather bag, ever. 

You don't need to worry nearly as much about oils discolouring the bag, as synthetic leather is not as porous, and so doesn't absorb moisture. 

If you want to clean a spill or something that's marked your bag, you can simply wipe it down with a slightly damp, lint free cloth. 

If there is a build up of dirt in a textured bag, like a crocodile embossed style, you can use a slightly wet toothbrush to gently remove this from between the 'scales'.


snake print vegan handbag and model


Tips for caring for pineapple leaf leather alternative bags

This material is predominately plant-based, so caring for it is a little different than with synthetic faux leather.

Our metallic Piñatex bags also just need a gentle wipe down, like the synthetic bags, however our black Piñatex bag is softer, so you may notice some fluffy and fine pineapple fibres coming out slightly from it at times. This isn't anything to worry about, but if you want to slick them down, you can use a tiny amount of eco-friendly boot wax.


models with pinatex vegan pineapple leather handbags


Tips for caring for faux wool tweed handbags

Our tweed handbag collection needs to be treated with care to ensure that they don't wear out, or get stained.

If a spill does occur on the tweed, the rule of 'like dissolves like' can be helpful. A water based stain like that from a soup or juice can be helped with gentle dabbing of water - especially carbonated water, whereas oil based stains require the use of oil detergents mixed with water and gently dabbed. 

As the tweed is more textured than an easy to wipe vegan leather, it will pick up dust more easily. As well as storing in the dust bag provided, with a sponge that is slightly wet from a mix of water and animal testing free laundry detergent, you can gently pat your tweed bag clean.


tweed vegan handbag and model