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Our vegan leather clutch bag and wallet collection supports a cruelty-free, sustainable fashion world. Made from animal-friendly materials like faux crocodile and snake skin, vegan wool and vegan leather, wearing these bags is a kind choice.

We know that a sustainable wallet is a vegan leather wallet. Did you know that cow skin leather, the most common animal leather, has over double the environmental impact of the material our vegan clutches are made from - Eco-PU synthetic leather?

We can create a kinder, more eco-friendly world by choosing to keep animals out of our wardrobes, and instead buying beautiful, sustainable fashion pieces. We don't just make wallets, we also make vegan handbags, so all your accessory needs are covered.

Every purchase from Kinds of Grace also helps us fulfil our vision of a kinder world, because we support animal, wildlife and environmental protection charities. 20% of our profits from our ethically made vegan leather wallets and bags goes to these amazing groups. They include WWF, Farm Transparency Project, PETA, and the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Shop for your new vegan clutch now, and help create a kinder world in doing so. What's not to love about that?