Vegan Leather Handbags

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Think that ethical fashion should be cruelty-free? We do too. That's why our vegan bags are made of faux leather, which is free from animals, and according to the Global Fashion Agenda, better for the environment than cow skin leather. For that reason, we know that sustainable leather bags, are vegan bags.

As well as faux leather, which is made out of Eco-PU, a synthetic material, we also use pineapple leather alternative material. This material is made from the leaves of pineapple plants (not the fruit itself) which are otherwise discarded. This is exciting, because making fashion materials from these leaves provides a new income stream for fruit farmers. The leaf fibre is then coated in a renewable biomass resin.

Some of our bags feature materials and patterns that protect animals other than cows. For example, our vegan wool tweed handbags protect sheep, and our stylish, scaly looking vegan satchels and bags protect both snakes and crocodiles. Connect the additional long strap to create a vegan shoulder bag style.

When you buy a Kinds of Grace vegan bag, you are supporting a brand that creates fair, ethical fashion pieces, and which gives back - 20% of our profits go to animal, wildlife and environmental protection groups.