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Vegan Leather Purses and Bags

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At Kinds of Grace, we believe in ethical, sustainable fashion. That’s why we create vegan designer purses, vegan satchels, as well as vegan clutch and wallet styles.

These ethical purses and designs do not cost an animal their life, have half the impact of cow skin leather, and are made fairly. They're made in Guangzhou, an hour from where our founder, Grace, grew up herself.

Instead of using cow skin, we make animal-free, PU leather bags, as well as some bags made from partially renewable and biodegradable materials.

While it may surprise you to know that cow skin leather is more harmful to the environment than a synthetic material, one reason for this, is that animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of greenhouse gas emissions, responsible for more than all the fuel from transport vehicles combined, according to the UN report, Livestock's Long Shadow.

There is no need to harm the environment or sweet, sensitive animals for the sake of fashion. We have styles that mimic the beautiful patterns of crocodiles and snakes, as well as more traditional leather look-alike bags.

Shop and fall in love with these cruelty-free styles, below.