Most Loved This Month

Most Loved Luxury Vegan Handbags


It’s no wonder these are our most loved vegan pieces, when you learn that they are sustainable bags, and cruelty free designer handbags.

We mean cruelty-free in all senses of the word; no cruelty to animals because we create vegan designer bags. No cruelty to humans, because our bags are made fairly, by artisans who are paid and treated well. No cruelty to wild animals because our designs are more sustainable than animal-based leather bags, so more natural land can be preserved for them.

Our vegan accessories support a sustainable fashion world not only because of their composition, but because we give back to organisations which work to protect animals, wildlife and their natural environment. This mission is extremely important to us, and our founder, Grace.

These most loved, vegan designer bags work seamlessly with your outfit from day to night, and we have options for those who want a more minimalist look, as well as those yearning for a pop of colour in their lives. Pair your bag with ripped black jeans, cigarette suit pants, or a floral dress.

Find which bag you love most, and make it yours, while these exclusive designs are still available.