cows destined for leather industry

5 Things the Leather Industry is Hiding From You

  Secrets hiding in plain sight... The leather industry regularly spends millions of dollars on advertising to ensure their product is considered to be a good one. Clever marketing turns toxic tanned skins from slaughtered animals into something considered to be superior to other materials. But...
faux leather more sustainable than leather

Sustainability Showdown: Polyurethane VS Animal Skin

  Let's break it down... When considering ethics, it should be obvious that any material not made from a slaughtered animal ought to win out over one that is. When it comes to the sustainability credentials of materials though, there tends to be more debate. PU Leather It’s clear that synthetic...
fashion products from pineapple

Scientists Have Turned Fruit Into Leather

  Textiles have never been so tasty... For those who don’t want to wear animal skins, but don’t want to wear the totally synthetic alternatives either, fruit leather is the answer… Making bags, shoes, accessories and clothing out of animal skins is problematic for plenty of reasons; animals are...
melbourne vegan designer sans beast

8 Australian Vegan Designers Who’ve Gone Global

  Down under designers, doin it worldwide... Australians are spoiled for choice when it comes to delicious vegan restaurants and cafés, so it’s no surprise the country produces a large amount of talented and globally adored vegan fashion designers, too. Meet some of them below…  Sans Beast  (I...
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10 Shocking Facts About Your Leather Bag

Leather is the most popular material in luxury bags, but most shoppers are left in the dark when it comes to the dark secrets of the industry.  From environmental impact (most leather bags don't even biodegrade, not to mention being far worst than vegan cruelty free alternatives) through to the cost to animals and human workers.