What Makes a Bag Truly Vegan?

A vegan bag is not made with animals. Most obviously, the skin of a cow or any other animal is not the material the bag is made of. However, there are many other elements to consider when creating a 100% vegan bag. Here is everything we look at to ensure our bags are free from animal harm...

 100% Cruelty Free Vegan Bag



Outer material


As mentioned, of course a bag is not vegan if it is made from the skin of a dead animal. Our bags are made either of synthetic leather polyurethane (PU) or Piñatex. 

Both of these materials are animal free, and more sustainable than cow skin leather. 

Learn more about our outer materials.


vegan silk bag lining


Inner material


It's critical that not only the outer material of a bag is vegan, but the lining. Some luxury bags may be made predominately with a non-animal material but be lined with say, silk. 

Silk is not vegan as it is made from the cocoons of silkworms who are boiled alive while inside of them. The cocoons are then 'unravelled' and spun into silk. 

We instead use a man-made material, which also has a far lesser impact on the environment, according to the Global Fashion Agenda.


Vegan made clutch with models




Though fortunately, it is far less common as fashion production has become modernised, some glues are made from animal products. Specifically collagen, found in animal hides, bones, and fish. Knackeries which slaughter horses often historically have been colloquially referred to as 'glue factories' for this reason.

The glue that binds our bags together, alongside our stitching, is synthetic.


vegan leather bag crocodile embossed





A few dyes that may be used in the colouring of materials are not vegan. For example, in both cosmetics and material production, some purple colours are derived from a type of snail. None of our dyes are animal based.

Some of these more hidden animal derived materials are a perfect reason to support certified vegan labels who are dedicated to not harming any animals!