The Ethical Vegan Fashion Brands List

FEthical fashion is cruelty-free, in all aspects of the word: it means fairly made, vegan, eco-friendly fashion. We've put together a definitive list of the best 100% vegan fashion brands that are working to make fashion more ethical and sustainable. 


Ethical, 100% vegan bag brands

sustainable material pineapple leather alternative waist bags

HFS Collective

HFS Collective belt bags are made in a small family-run factory close by the brand office, in Los Angeles. This closeness means that the people behind the brand know every person that takes part in the production of each bag, and they are able to provide a fair, liveable wage, and a safe, happy and healthy working environment. 

Using sustainable materials like Piñatex - a pineapple leaf leather alternative - the brand has a reduced environmental impact, especially compared to brands using animal skin leather.

2% of brand profits are donated to organisations which help to protect both women and the planet.


sustainable material cork vegan leather bag


This vegan fashion brand creates bags made from Forest Stewardship Council certified cork. Cork trees grow in forests largely in Portugal, and they actually sequester carbon as they grow and are harvested.

Cork trees don't need to be cut down for material to be produced from them, instead, their bark is peeled. When the bark grows back, more carbon is stored and pulled from the atmosphere than if the trees were untouched!

This brand produces their sustainable, vegan bags ethically in Portugal.


sustainable vegan handbag



This innovative, ethical and sustainable fashion brand uses amazing materials. Some of their bag hardware - zips, clasps, and otherwise - are made ethically by people in Laos, who make these pieces from recycled aluminium melted down from Vietnam War era bombs. 

The bags themselves are made in small factories which ensure fair, living wages, and are made of materials such as apple peel leather, cork and PU; a synthetic leather with half the impact of cow skin, according to the Global Fashion Agenda. The bags are also largely lined with recycled material produced from ghost nets and plastic bottles.

Some profits go to different organisations and charities, including to animal sanctuaries, and a school in Laos. 


models with luxury vegan handbags

Kinds of Grace

The brand's luxury vegan bags are handcrafted with love in a small studio close to the founder Grace’s family in Guangzhou, an hour from where she grew up in Hong Kong.

This production studio was hand selected by Grace and her family to ensure an ethical and fair working environment, and we work closely along side their team to create our vegan leather bags and wallets.

The skilled bag artisans receive a liveable wage above that which is legally required, a 90 minute lunch break and a fair work environment.

Using materials like PU and Piñatex made from pineapples, this brand is far more sustainable than a non-vegan bag brand. 

The brand also donates 20% of profits to charities which protect animals and the planet.


black vegan leather weekender bag


Jill Milan

Jill Milan’s bags are handcrafted by artisans in small, family-owned ateliers. These ateliers offer their employees a master craftsman’s wage and health insurance. 

The brand is proudly philanthropic, giving a portion of their profits to animal rights groups, and regularly donating further to such organisations. 


sans beast cruelty free bag collection


Sans Beast

Run by previous Managing and Creative Director of Mimco, Cathryn Wills decided to change tact when she went vegan herself. 

Sans Beast bags are ethically in China by Tony and his team, who Cath has been working with for over a decade.

Supporting sanctuary Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary, this brand is a true friend to animals.


faux crocodile leather bag alexandra k

Alexandra K

This vegan fashion brand has pioneered multiple more sustainable, vegan material alternatives to leather. For example, vegan leather made from silicone, from recycled nylon chips, and from recycled PU resin. 

The brand also lines their bags with material made from recycled PET, uses water based dyes, have decreased their use of solvents and have reduced their energy use in production.

Ethically made in Poland, each bag is sewn and finished by one 'leather' craftsman.


hozen collection vegan circular bags

Hozen Collection

Hozen’s bags are made from PU based in bio-poly-oil (from plant matter like corn and grains, rather than petroleum), or Piñatex (pineapple leaf-based material), as well as recycled thread, zippers and labels.

Their bags are made in a fair-wage factory in Los Angeles, and on their website you can learn the names of the people who produced them! 

10% of all their profits go to Mercy For Animals. 


ahimsa collective pinatex pineapple leather purses


The Ahimsa Collective

This Australian fashion label exclusively produces beautiful bags from ultra sustainable materials like Pinatex, washable Forest Stewardship Certified paper, and recycled and surplus materials.

Their bags are made ethically in China, and are shipped in sustainable packaging. 

$5 from every vegan bag sale goes to the label's social enterprise partners. 

The brand also offers a recycling program, where at a bag's 'end of life', it can be sent back to the brand so everything can be reused or recycled, and landfill can be completely avoided. A 30% discount is offered on your next bag if you recycle your bag this way.


thamon leaf leather vegan backpack



This vegan brand is Bangkok, Thailand based and made. Thamon bags, backpacks and wallets and creates from ‘leaf leather’, made from fallen leaves which are coated in a resin.


gunas the brand luxury vegan handbags


Gunas The Brand

This luxury vegan brand pioneered the use of the material Mulbtex, a 100% plastic free material. It's made from a cotton base, coated with a mulberry leaf pulp which is naturally shiny. It's sustainable, light, waterproof, and ages beautifully.

Gunas bags are made ethically in South Korea, and the brand supports vegan animal sanctuaries.


denise roobol synthetic leather handbag


Denise Roobol

These luxury bags are made in an atelier outside of Hong Kong, in Guangzhou. This atelier is fresh, light and spacious, with only 10 to 15 well experienced craftsmen working in it.

The brand uses vegan microfibre faux leather which has a far reduced impact as compared to animal skin leather.


pinatex backpack



This brand is plastic free, and completely plant-based, making bags from Piñatex pineapple leaf leather, which are lined with sustainable hemp. 

The USA based brand produces all their bags locally and ethically in Los Angeles in a factory which is regularly visited by the team. 


samara sustainable tote bag


Samara Bags

This luxury vegan brand is run by women, for women. The brand is ethically made, and supports an initiative created by the founder, Salima,  which helps children in Kenya, where Salima grew up, go to school. 

The initiative provides children in East Africa with a backpack outfitted with a solar panel. As children walk to school everyday, the backpack charges a light, so they can do their homework without Kerosene.

The brand uses sustainable, water-based PU as well as apple based 'leather' for some of their bags.


avala faux snakeskin vegan backpack



This vegan fashion brand produces all their bags ethically in Los Angeles.

The brand uses sustainable materials including those which are recycled as well as Pinatex, cork and polyurethane produced sustainably in Italy.

10% of the profits made by Svala are donated to charity, and the brand carbon offsets their shipping carbon footprint.


Ethical, 100% vegan clothing brands

unreal fur faux fur vegan jacket


Unreal Fur

This luxurious vegan brand is run by Neomi, who has helped over 200 brands move away from cruel animal fur, to futuristic faux. 

Unreal Fur coats and jackets are made ethically, and are recycled through their mini coat collections - jackets for children, made from the offcuts of the larger, adult designs.

The brand is working with manufacturers to create vegan fur made from recycled materials and hemp.


sustainable materials natural shirt


This beautiful brand produces their garments ethically in the United States, and their factory's unique made-to-order model allows for more sustainable production, far reduced waste, and the ability to put more money into investing in sustainable fabrics and dyes. 

The brand uses sustainable, plant-based materials like hemp, Tencel and organic cotton.


faux down cruelty free parka


This Canadian made and owned brand is creating winter warmers free from cruelty. People who own high end parkas with fur trims and filled with down are able to send their jacket to the brand in return for store credit.

Wuxly will remove the fur trims and give them to animal rehabilitation centres that make animal bedding from them, and the jackets themselves are donated to homeless shelters the brand has partnered with.

The brand utilises some recycled materials, offers carbon neutral shipping, and is working always to be more sustainable. 



faux fur jacket and vegan wool knitwear



This London based slow fashion brand creates fur free fur, and wool free knitwear, saving animals with every coat and knit. 

Some of the coats are made from recycled materials, making use of plastic bottles otherwise going to landfill or the ocean. 


vegan leather skirt


Delikate Rayne

Made ethically in the USA, this brand works with a family owned and operated manufacturing company, ensuring that clean and safe working conditions, fair wages and respect is given to all employees. 

The brand is PVC free for the environment, and advocates strongly for a sustainable, vegan world in all their messaging and blog content. 


co-ord jacket and skirt in vegan suede



This luxury vegan brand creates their garments in-house where their main office is in Colombia, to ensure fair treatment of those creating them.

The brand works with both recycled materials and synthetics.


ethical sustainable womens suiting


This vegan fashion label uses sustainable materials like GOTS certified organic cotton, ramie; a vegetable fibre material with a silky lustre, lyocell, and garments made from up-cycled furniture materials.

The ethical brand also works to reduce their environmental impact when transporting products, using electric cars to transport product within Amsterdam. 


sustainable leather jacket cruelty free




Will’s Vegan Store

This certified vegan and carbon neutral brand uses Ecolabel certified vegan materials, and they know where they’re made. Their materials meet Oeko Tex 100 and REACH regulations, and some are recycled.

Products are made in Portugal under European Union employment, discrimination and health & safety law.


rooney mara vegan fashion label hiraeth


Hiraeth Collective

Co-created by celebrity actress, activist and vegan, Rooney Mara, HIRAETH is an entirely vegan label. Their collections include beautiful vegan leather garments and shoes, silk-free dresses and wool-free suiting. 

Everything produced by the label is ethically made in Los Angeles. 


pelush nyc vegan fur coat



Crafted ethically and made-to-order out of New York City, and made from luxurious Italian faux fur, Pelush has been published globally, and walked down the runway at New York Fashion Week.

Founding the #ReFAUXlution, the brand is a pioneer in the cruelty-free fashion world, receiving awards and working alongside animal rights organisations. 


faux fur coat in dark grey blue



This animal cruelty-free brand creates warm, fashionable clothing. Their parkas are filled with fibre made from recycled plastic bottles, and their 'leather' jackets are made of PU which as we know, has half the impact of conventional cow skin leather. 


Ethical, 100% vegan shoe brands


sydney brown vegan shoes made from sustainable materials


Sydney Brown

This luxury vegan brand uses materials like sustainably harvested beech wood from Germany, PU synthetic leather made from renewable biomass (cereal grain oils, not petroleum), raffia (from palm trees), cork and recycled materials.

All Sydney Brown shoes are produced ethically in Portugal. 


beyond skin faux leather knee high boots


Beyond Skin

Beyond Skin lines all of their shoes with recycled PU, and their heels and soles are partly made from recycled materials. The brand stands against both animal skin and PVC, with all of their shoes being made of PU and other vegan materials with a lesser environmental impact.

This proudly sweat-shop free brand produces their shoes in Spain under strict regulation.



balluta shoes colour block boots


Balluta Shoes

The brand's shoes are made from high-quality, sustainable materials like cork, and vegan leathers produced and certified in Europe.

Their shoes are produced in a family-run factory in São João da Madeira, Portugal, under safe and dignified working conditions.


veerah red vegan stiletto heels



Veerah produces luxury, ethical high heels from microfibre, cork and apple peel 'leather'. The shoes also come with attachments which mean you can wear your shoes in multiple different styles.

Veerah runs a '1-10'100 battle plan' which means that at least 1% of their revenue go directly to social impact causes, 10 paid hours per quarter for volunteering or self-improvement courses are offered to employees and for every 100 customer feedback surveys received, VEERAH offers a one-year scholarship for a She’s the First girl scholar.

VEERAH shoes are made in Guangdong, a coastal province region known as the “Florence of China”, in a fair workplace. 


bhava vegan platform sandals


Bhava Studio

This brand creates shoes made from PU, apple 'leather' and some recycled materials. Bhava does not use PVC, or other harmful chemicals and dyes.

This brand makes their shoes ethically in Spain.


good guys don't wear leather vegan cowboy boots


Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather

This ethical brand uses sustainable materials that are produced in fair trade environments. These materials include eco-PU, PU made from renewable biomass such as cereal and vegetable seeds, and a PU made from 50% apple fibre.

The brand is working to be 100% recyclable by 2021, and produce their shoes in a fair trade environment in both Spain and Portugal.


ahimsa vegan suede slide shoes


The special thing about Ahimsa is that they make their shoes in their own factory in Brazil. This is the only completely vegan shoe factory in the world! This also means production is completely transparent and controlled by the brand who put ethics at the forefront of what they do.

This brand uses materials like organic cotton, as well as PU synthetic leather.


recycled synthetic leather heels susi studio


Susi Studio

This ethical vegan brand uses multiple sustainable materials, including completely recycled PU synthetic leather which is high performing and kind to the planet.

The label works with two ethical manufacturing facilities, one in Portugal and one in Hong Kong, which is entirely woman run and owned.


rafa recycled vegan sandal shoes




The majority of the RAFA luxury vegan fashion collection is made from a fine micro-suede that is produced from 80% recycled materials - PET plastic otherwise going to landfill.

Everything RAFA creates is made in their small factory in Los Angeles, by skilled artisans. Many of the people creating the shoes are family, having been in shoe-making for generations. They are paid fairly, and work in a safe, welcoming environment.


collection and co ethical vegan heels


Collection & Co

Collection & Co uses a selection of sustainable materials including recycled synthetics and pineapple leaf leather. Designs aim to be low waste, with off-cut materials from some styles being used in others rather than being discarded. All their packaging is either recyclable or compostable.

The brand's shoes are made in a family run factory in Greece, and through their website you can see it for yourself.


velvet boots high heel


Dá Quy

This brand's collections are designed and produced entirely in Italy, employing traditional Italian craftsmanship.

Producing vegan shoes from largely fabric materials rather than 'leather' lookalikes, you're sure to find something unique and beautiful here.


zette shoes ethical brand and model emma hakansson

Zette Shoes

Zette is the in-house brand from Vegan Style, one of the first Australian vegan shoe stores. With both women’s and men’s collections, this brand makes dressing with compassion and style easy.

Hand crafted ethically in Spain, Italy and Portugal, the collections are adored in Australia and across the globe. 


pinatex pineapple leather gold sneakers


No Saints

Ethically made in Portugal, this Australian based brand uses fruity materials like Piñatex (pineapple leaf leather) and apple peel 'leather' to make sustainable sneakers.



vegan pump heels in pink


Patricia Correia

Yet another Portuguese produced ethical shoe brand, Patricia Correia is also based in Portugal. 

The brand strongly advocates for veganism, environmentalism and animal rights beyond fashion too - discussing animal adoption, vegan eating, plastic reduction and cruel animal circuses. 


by blanch faux leather boots


By Blanch

This ethical business creates their shoes in Spain, and their materials are created in Europe, all ethically.

The brand uses sustainable materials, including apple skin leather like the above, which is 50% apple waste, 50% polyurethane on a natural base. The brand also uses Eco-label certified polyurethane.