Seven of the Cutest Reasons to Support Vegan Fashion

Many sweet, thinking and feeling animals are unfortunately harmed and killed for fashion. Here are seven of these animals - seven cute reasons to support vegan fashion.

Number 1: Cows

cute baby brown fluffy cow pink nose

Photo: Olga Kravchuk

Cows have best friends, and stress when they are apart. They love to play and learn new things.

Despite their capacity to feel both positive and negative emotions, cows skins are used widely in the fashion industry. 

Instead of cow skin leather, we use a synthetic leather with half the environmental impact, as well as a material based in pineapple leaf fibre.


Number 2: Goats

cute white baby goat cuddling vegan human

Photo: Mercury, captured by Willow Creative Co


Goats are cheeky, curious animals who have great memories and look to humans for help just like dogs do. 

The skins of goats are often used by supposedly luxury fashion labels.  

Instead, we use vegan materials like those seen in our Wild Nature collection.


Number 3: Snakes

cute snake smiling face

Photo: Timothy Dykes

Snakes have been found to have friends, and many of the systems within their brains are similar to ours.

Many snakes are farmed or stolen from their natural habitat, killed for the sake of fashion. 

Our vegan ‘snake’ collection is created from vegan, man-made materials instead.


Number 4: Sheep

orphan rescue lamb on bed

Photo: Willow and Emma by Rachael Michelle

Sheep experience the same range of emotions any person does - happiness, boredom, despair, and fear. They are playful and sensitive creatures.

Sheep are exploited and killed in the fashion industry for both their skin and wool - and yes, the wool industry kills sheep. 

Our collection of tweed bags is not made of wool as conventional tweed is, but is instead vegan, protecting sheep and lambs.


Number 5: Lizards

Photo: via Smithsonian Magazine

Lizards, like the monitor lizard, are intelligent and can be trained to learn new things. Fun fact, there are some ridiculously cute lizard and cat friendships you can ‘aww’ over online.

Many lizard breeds are sadly killed for the sake of fashion, including monitor lizards, like this handsome lizard above.

Our ‘reptilian’ looking bags are vegan, and no lizards are harmed.


Number 6: Pigs

cute rescue piglet by sammantha fischer

Photo: Garth captured by Sammantha Fisher

Pigs are even smarter than our beloved pet dogs, and share the exact same capacity to feel joy, fear and pain.

Though it may surprise many, pig skins are some of the most commonly used in fashion. 

In contrast, all of our vegan leather bags are made from man-made or natural plant-based materials.


Number 7: Crocodiles

cute baby crocodile smiling

Photo: National Geographic / Nicolas Mathevon

Crocodiles often mate for life and they make for excellent and caring mothers. Some crocodiles can live to be up to 100 years old.

Many fashion labels pay for crocodiles to be killed for the sake of fashion. 

The handbags in our Wild Nature collection are all made from vegan materials that mimic the beautiful textures and patterns of crocodiles - without harming them a single bit.


Wearing and supporting vegan fashion labels is the perfect way to show your love and respect for animals, and you’ll look even better too - because cruelty is never in fashion.