Kinds of Grace Styled Your Way - with Actor and Model Domink Shields

We love seeing intelligent, stylish and compassionate women wearing our Kinds of Grace vegan handbags, pairing these faux leather beauties with perfect outfits. So, we thought we'd start a series of blog posts featuring some of our favourite Kinds of Grace women and their style...


dominik shields and the cloud hydrangea vegan tweed handbag

Meet Dominik, hear what she thinks about her vegan purse.

Dominik Shields is an actor, model, and passionate vegan. Here's what she has to say before we get into her styling.

"Hello MTV and welcome to my closet - I’ve styled the Cloud Hydrangea Tweed Handbag with seven different outfits. This cute little blue number is so versatile and isn’t just reserved for special occasions, you’re able to dress her up or down depending on your mood.

The beautiful thing about these bags is that they go with everything and believe me - I’ve tried and tested this out for you.

I’ve previously struggled to wear a ‘grown-up’ style of vegan designer bag because I didn’t think I’d be able to do it justice - I’ve always wanted to be one of those people who are able to be so nonchalant about their bag and be so cool. Thanks to the lovely humans at Kinds Of Grace, they made my dreams come true!

Ever since getting this faux wool and vegan leather bag in May I’ve had non stop compliments, a lot of people asking me if it was a big designer name bag! It’s even better, it’s cruelty-free, ethically made and supporting how we live on our planet & helping make it a better place. 

Ethical and cute? Baby, I’m in! 

vegan cross body bag styled with beret and tweed skirt

Look 1: So Frenchy So Chic

Is there anything better than a good book and a beret? Probably not, that’s why this look isn’t complete without them!

I’ve styled the Cloud Hydrangea vegan cross body bag with a super cute brown tweed miniskirt, mustard socks, vegan mules and silk (but not made of silk - plant power!) blouse. The outfit is paired with Poems that Make Grown Men Cry, a collection of poems by some beautiful men who want to share the beauty of their favourite poetry/prose with us all. Its counterpart is Poems that Make Grown Women Cry which is equally as much of a tear-jerker. Make sure you’ve finished your baguette before you start reading!

black outfit and vegan leather and tweed handbag

Look 2: Back to Black

This is a look that I live in - band t-shirt (today was my favourite Metallica), long flared pants, black vegan leather boots, cute, mini cat-eye sunglasses and a book on the Clash. This bag is able to hold most of your novels, there is SO much space in here and the secret zip pocket means you can keep all your valuables safe while at your next rock show. I styled this with a Wu-Tang Clan ring and Casio Watch - silver jewellery really pops next to this bag as all of it’s fine details are gold. Best of both worlds, baby! The long strap means you can use it over your shoulder so your arms are free for dancing.  

picnic outfit and vegan handbag

Look 3: Sunflower Dream

1950s picnic vibes anybody? This super cute embroidered sunflower shirt, black mini, pink socks and vegan Doc Martens are sure to make all your sweet spring-time dreams come true. Perfect for drinking an ice-cold lemonade in the park, perusing a museum or meeting your sweetheart’s parents for lunch. No jewels or gems needed for this look, you shine enough as it is plus you’ll have the Hydrangea bag and its gold detailing glimmering in the Spring sun.

blue denim and blue vegan handbag

Look 4: Blue Jeans, White Shirt

This is an ABSOLUTE classic, and for good reason - baby blue cut-offs and a white bodysuit? Oh yes! You’ll be able to cover your sunkissed shoulders with a plain white cotton tee, long sleeve linen shirt and a large floppy hat. Throw your (very well worn) converse sneakers on & you’ll be able to travel along the beach all day long. Inside of my Kinds of Grace vegan bag you’ll find SPF lip balm (Hurraw cherry is my go-to…), 50+ sunscreen (very important!! Remember to stay sun smart!), a pair of cat-eye sunglasses, a water bottle & my new read, Greenlights, by Matthew McConaughey. 

shirt dress and faux leather handbag

Look 5: BORED

This Lazy Oaf dress is the ultimate dress when you really want to let people know how you’re feeling - during isolation this was on high rotation. Dressing down in pink socks and converse to a picnic, lunch date or coffee with your gals after a sleepless night. It also works as a staple for your office wardrobe - dress it up with boots, doc martens or brogues. But maybe wear it on a day when you know your boss will be in a good mood… Trust me on this one!

Paired with a ring by Katie Flynn, HLSK and a vintage Claddagh ring. Pop your tablet, stylus and note book in your new, more eco-friendly purse Tweed Bestie and you’re on your way to a productive day. 


date night lbd, book and faux leather and wool vegan handbag

Look 6: LBD

Date night is calling!

I’ve styled this sweetheart dress with a pair of simple vegan leather strappy kitten heels, perfect for a night out with someone special (or your best friends OR ON A SOLO DATE NIGHT WOO YEAH!) This dress is the perfect flippy companion to your vegan leather bag, I removed the long strap to give it a more romantic & elegant look. These little straps are so comfortable & don’t hurt your hands after a long time carrying your bag around. This will fit your favourite Murakami novel as you walk along the river & wait for your next date night adventure. You’ll be receiving compliments on this bag all night, so be prepared to tell everyone where you got her from!

power suit and vegan handbag

Look 7: Power Suit

Now when I say my wardrobe is mostly black and white, I’m not kidding. But this, this is the exception.

This red power suit took me MONTHS to find, I searched high and low for the ultimate (tall girl) suit pants and matching jacket & ever since I bought it I’ve never stopped wearing it. This is one of my all-time favourite outfits & you can dress it up or down depending on your vibe. This time we went for a cheeky bralette underneath but usually, I’d wear an off the shoulder blouse or white t-shirt to keep it casual. I’ve opted for the same Mules as outfit #1, but I’ll also chuck on a pair of Converse, Doc Martens or vegan Birkenstocks - there are no rules!

Be prepared to dance the night away with your Hydrangea bag in the crook of your arm, it’s the ultimate showstopper & really pops against the red of this suit.