Kind Label of the Week: Summit Jewellery

Every week we share one of our favourite labels working to make the world more beautiful, and more importantly, more kind.

This week, we're featuring Summit Jewellery. The label makes beautiful heirloom jewellery from ethically sourced materials, made to be treasured across many lifetimes.

wooden jewellery box and ethical jewellery

Kind to the planet

The label creates beautiful jewellery - from engagement and wedding rings, to earrings, necklaces and other beautiful pieces, predominately from recycled materials. Scrap silver and gold metals are saved and melted down for reuse. This is important because mining for metals is impactful on the earth, so the less, the better.

Summit jewellery pieces also arrive in beautiful boxes made of wood and natural, biodegradable fabric. Many fine jewellery labels use leather boxes, which are both cruel to cows and bad for the planet. Instead, these boxes are sustainably and locally sourced, crafted ethically in New Zealand.


ethically sourced necklace in sustainable box

Kind to animals

A vegan run label, Summit has a collection of pieces which give back to animals. Specifically, to greyhounds who are rescued from the cruel racing industry which considers so many dogs 'wastage', discarded and killed when they are not profitable in the races. 

The 'Rescue Me' collection gives an amazing 100% of profits to Greyhound Rescue, which helps to rehabilitate and rehome greyhounds - like the three special dogs who the designer calls family. 


greyhound rescue charitable jewellery signet ring

Kind to people

Summit jewellery pieces are produced in an ethical supply chain which ensures a fair wage and treatment for all. The pieces are handmade in Sydney.

The stones that are used in some jewellery pieces are ethically sourced, ensuring that mines are not using child, forced of dangerous labour during extraction.


heirloom engagement ring ethical jewellery


You can find Summit Jewellery online, on Instagram and Facebook.