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Kind Label of the Week: RAFA USA

Every week we share one of our favourite labels working to make the world more beautiful, and more importantly, more kind.

This week, we're featuring RAFA USA. The brand creates luxurious, timeless shoes made from vegan, and largely recycled materials. 


Timeless Vegan Fashion Shoes

One of the three principles RAFA is built upon is that their fashion is vegan.

Vegan leather and suede is not only free from animal-cruelty, but is far better for the environment. This is because cow skin, the most commonly used skin for leather, is the single most environmentally impactful material to produce, with all synthetics having a far reduced impact - according to the Global Fashion Agenda.

The majority of the RAFA luxury vegan fashion collection is made from a fine micro-suede that is produced from 80% recycled materials - PET plastic otherwise going to landfill.


Truly Sustainable Fashion

Wanting to make shoes that can be worn and loved today, in five years, in twenty-five years, RAFA creates vegan fashion made to last. This is such an important aspect of sustainable fashion, because even if something is made of sustainable materials, if it's going to fall apart quickly and need replacing, it's not eco-friendly. 

As well as using a cruelty-free recycled material for most of their shoes, their wood block heels, inside all their fabric covered heels, are made from reclaimed wood. This means no additional trees are cut down for the sake of fashion.


Ethical Fashion, Fair Working Conditions

Everything RAFA creates is made in their small factory in Los Angeles, by skilled artisans. Many of the people creating the shoes are family, having been in shoe-making for generations. They are paid fairly, and work in a safe, welcoming environment.

'I don't care how beautiful a dress or a shoe is, if it's being made at the expense of people's lives'. - the Founder and Director of RAFA, Taghrid Zorob.


You can find RAFA online, on Facebook and Instagram.

Kinds of Grace

Hi there! I’m Grace, a vegan fashion designer in Melbourne, Australia. I enjoy creating bold designs and vivid colors, inspired by nature.

My team and I share a common mission - to help the world shift to accessories that are kinder on the planet and nature. We donate 20% of profits to support animal and environmental protection charities.

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