Kind Label of the Week: Mud Jeans

Every week we share one of our favourite labels working to make the world more beautiful, and more importantly, more kind.

This week, we're featuring Mud Jeans. The brand creates denim jeans without the leather patch, and instead, with sustainable materials and a circular denim 'leasing' system. 


people wearing ethical denim blue jeans

Circular economy 

Mud works to create a circular fashion system, where instead of things being bought, used and inevitably thrown away at some point, garments go back into the system to be repaired, recycled, reused. 

Consumers can 'lease' a pair of jeans on a monthly basis and after 12 months if they're worn out, they can simply return them for a new pair. This is also an affordable system.


close up blue denim jeans


Mud jeans are carbon neutral. They are created in renewable energy run factories. They are made of recycled and organic cotton, though they aim to create 100% recycled denim jeans in the future.

Mud's denim is created in a process which requires far less water, because of innovative technology like e-flow, water recycling and filtration. Indigo which is used to colour denim too often means water leaving factories is not clean, or unable to be reused. These technologies change that.

The brand also supports sustainable practices once garments have been bought or leased. A large part of the eco-impact of garments comes down to washing practices, and over-washing. The brand encourages less washing of denim, a sturdy material that shouldn't be washed as regularly as other clothing. 

ethical blue jeans from mud


Mud doesn't use leather patches on their denim. Instead, they print a label onto the jeans, making the product 'mono-material', and so better for recycling. Of course, it also means no animals are killed by the brand. Mud is PETA-approved vegan. 


garment workers holding fashion revolution 'i made your clothes' signs

Fair and ethical

Mud is transparent, sharing their factory producer code of conduct online. The label aims to ensure fair wages for all of their employees, and after a 2016 audit by Fair Wear Foundation, they created a Corrective Action Plan to improve any issues their working environment had.

Unlike many brands,  Mud shares details and information not only about their jeans factory, but about the fabric mill they work with, and the recycling factory they use. Following the entire supply chain is so important for ethical manufacturing. 


You can find Mud Jeans online, on Facebook and Instagram