Kind Label of the Week: Jakke

Every week we share one of our favourite labels working to make the world more beautiful, and more importantly, more kind.

This week, we're featuring Jakke. The brand is renowned for their beautiful garments which are free from wool and fur, providing a vegan, more sustainable alternative to the use of animals in fashion.


jakke founder wearing faux fur vegan coat

Jakke founder, Nina Hopkins, wearing her Jakke faux fur jacket. 


Luxury vegan fashion, free from animals

Jakke is a totally vegan fashion brand creating alternatives for those who love both fashion and animals; vegan leather and exotic skin garments, vegan fur jackets, vegan wool-free knitwear. 


Free from leather and exotic skins 

Why is it so kind for Jakke to use vegan leather in their fashion designs? Cows are slaughtered for leather - which is not a by-product, but a financially valuable co-product of the meat and dairy industries, responsible for the slaughter of 300 million cows a year.

Cows are legally dehorned, their horns cut off with sharp tools, without any pain relief. In some countries, they are also confined to factory-farms, kept in feedlots, forced to walk long distances to awful slaughterhouses - sometimes with their tails being broken and chilli forced into their eyes, so that they keep walking. No leather bag is worth such suffering.

Exotic skins - made from slaughtered crocodile, snake and other reptile skins, are similarly cruel, with animals being brutally killed and often confined for the fashion industry.

Instead, Jakke creates their beautiful vegan leather garments from polyurethane, found to have less than half the environmental impact.


model wearing vegan leather coat and boots


Free from fur

Why is it so kind for Jakke to use vegan fur in their fashion designs? Mink, rabbits, foxes and other animals in the fur industry live their entire lives in tiny metal cages, with nothing to keep them entertained. These animals often show signs of developing severe psychological issues because of their treatment, and they are brutally slaughtered at a young age so people can wear their fur.

Instead, Jakke creates their fur jackets from vegan alternative materials - some of which are recycled.


pink faux fur jacket


Free from wool

Why is it so kind for Jakke to use vegan wool in their fashion designs? Too often, people mistake the wool industry for one that is harmless. In reality, the wool industry is a slaughter industry, shearing violence is widespread, and standard, legal practices like the cutting off of sheep tails without pain relief cause immense agony for lambs.

Instead Jakke uses vegan alternatives to wool, which have a reduced environmental impact.


model wearing wool free vegan knitwear


Sustainable fashion is vegan fashion

Fortunate for animals and the planet, all alternatives to animal materials are better for the environment. This means that sustainable fashion is vegan fashion. While some materials are certainly better than others within the wide range of vegan materials, even synthetic faux fur and knits made from acrylic have a far reduced impact.

Jakke also uses recycled materials, like their new faux fur collections which are made from a polyester made up of recycled plastic bottles rescued from polluting the ocean.

global fashion agenda graph fashion sustainability ranking


You can find Jakke online, on Facebook and Instagram