Kind Label of the Week: ettitude

Every week we share one of our favourite labels working to make the world more beautiful, and more importantly, more kind.

This week, we're featuring ettitude. The brand creates a collection of bedding and homeware products made from bamboo, a sustainable, plant material.


ethical organic bamboo sheets


Kind to animals

Many people love the idea of soft, silky sheets that are comfortable, good for your skin and your hair. 

Unfortunately, this means that there is a large market for silk sheets made from the cocoons of silk worms who have been boiled alive. 

Instead of using silk, ettitude creates their soft and silky bedding from bamboo lyocell. The same soft, slippery texture, but plant-based.


sustainable bamboo crop


Kind to the planet


All of ettitudes products are made from bamboo, a plant which grows incredibly quickly. Bamboo also self-generates from its own roots, and doesn't require pesticides or fertilisers. The bamboo ettitude uses is Forest Stewardship Certified, so no irresponsible land clearing is permitted. 

The bamboo is made into a material called lyocell, which is produced in a closed loop system which recaptures and reuses 98% of the water and chemical solution involved in production. 

ettitude runs a carbon neutral website, sends their products in fabric bags made of material offcuts, is a part of the 1% For the Planet charitable initiative, and uses some recycled materials in their products and packaging. 

 sleeping cruelty free sheets



Kind to people

All of the products made by ettitude are manufactured by Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production certified partners. This means that ethical treatment of workers is paramount, and ettitude works closely with their manufacturing team to ensure good working conditions.

The brand also supports One Girl, a non-profit organisation that harnesses the power of education to drive change for girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda. Right now, 130 million girls around the world aren’t in school – simply because they were born a girl. One Girl is working to change that.

ettitude believes in this mission not only for the future of these girls individually, but because 'education is the key to eliminating gender inequality, to reducing poverty, and to creating a sustainable planet.'


Get your cosy on!

In these unprecedented and straining times, where we are all spending much more time at home to keep each other safe from COVID-19, perhaps ethical and sustainable comforts may make things just a little easier.