Kind Label of the Week: Dauntless

Every week we share one of our favourite labels working to make the world more beautiful, and more importantly, more kind.

This week, we're featuring Dauntless. The brand creates ethically made, vegan leather and suede garments with a lower environmental impact than their animal counterparts. 


vegan suede and leather clothing


Kind to all kinds

Dauntless is a 100% vegan label which believes it is important not to use leather, as they 'don't like hurting animals'. The brand exists with a mission to bring cruelty-free, 'socially conscious fashion with a responsible modern supply chain' into the market. That means that not only are animals left unharmed in the production of their clothing, but the garment makers behind each jacket, skirt or trouser pant is respected and treated fairly, too.

Everything Dauntless creates is produced in-house in their main office in Bogota, Colombia. This way, they are able to completely control the working conditions their garments are made in, ensuring just and fair trade standards. 


colombia vegan jacket


Better for the planet

Leather is terrible not only for the animals who die, but for the planet. Raising animals for leather - a valuable co-product of the meat and dairy industries - requires large amounts of land, emits enormous levels of greenhouse gas emissions, and effects the health of natural water systems. Not only that, but the process of turning an animal skin into leather is extremely chemical heavy - formaldehyde, arsenic and chromium beings some of the carcinogenic toxins used. These chemicals end up polluting waterways and often, endangering the health of tannery workers. 

Synthetic leather is far better for the environment, with the Global Fashion Agenda finding it has less than half the environmental impact to produce. Dauntless sources their vegan materials responsibly, also looking to make use of recycled animal-free materials.


black vegan jacket


Quality garments

Dauntless works to change consumer perception about vegan, sustainable fashion. Too often people consider that vegan leather means poor quality or bad design, but this is simply not the case. Dauntless proves this by creating timeless, high end designs that are well-tailored and made of quality materials.


You can shop Dauntless online, and follow their Instagram, and Facebook.