Kind Label of the Week: BHAVA Studio

Every week we share one of our favourite labels working to make the world more beautiful, and more importantly, more kind.

This week, we're featuring BHAVA Studio. The brand ethically crafts beautiful vegan shoes in Spain, without animal skins, or PVC.


vegan boots ethically made in spain

Kind to animals

BHAVA is committed to being a completely animal free brand - no animal skins or animal derived glues. The brand, and their creative director, Francisca Pineda, passionately assert that premium footwear does not need to be made of leather - a cruel material so often considered luxurious. 


ethical black vegan shoes


Kind to the planet

BHAVA believes it's not enough to simply refrain from the use of animal leather. While cow skin is the single most environmentally impactful material to produce, alternatives such as PVC are also detrimental, so are not used either. 

The label uses PU, organic cotton linings, renewable cork, and premium recycled microfibers.


animal free sustainable sandals


Kind to people

BHAVA shoes are made ethically in Spain. The founder of the brand, Francisca, is particularly cognisant of the impact harsh chemicals have on workers who are exposed to them. People working in the leather tanning industry, people working with harsh chemicals such as those in PVC, are put in serious danger. "It really wasn't until I saw an MSDS (manufacturer's safety data sheet) for the very product I had been designing for years that I realized I was working with very toxic and hazardous chemicals.  It's not fair to the workers".


You can find BHAVA Studio online, on Instagram and Facebook