Katie Frances' Kinds of Grace Review

We just love sharing our favourite reviews of our vegan leather bags. We sent Katie Frances some of our vegan purses and a vegan wallet, and she had plenty of wonderful things to say about it. She walked her audience through our ethical values, too. 

About Katie Frances

Katie defines herself as 'a real and curvy girl who wants to empower ALL women to love their body and feel confident in the way they look'. Katie runs a 30 day self-love and body confidence challenge, loves fashion, and believes it should be accessible to everyone, regardless of shape or size. 


What Katie thought of our bags, and our values

Across the 17 minute review video, Katie had lots of kind things to say. 'The main thing I love about them is that they are animal and cruelty free, and also environmentally conscious... I'm excited for them all to be honest, they are stunning'. 

Katie received our Fuscia Field Tweed Handbag, our Bravia Onyx Handbag, our Midnight Garnet Satchel, our Paradisio Wallet, and matching Paradisio Polished Satchel

Let's hear what she had to say...


vegan bag review katie frances with midnight garnet satchel

Midnight Garnet Satchel

'Faux snake leather... stunning. The gold hardware is gorgeous, it has a lovely weighty feel about it... So classy. It's lined with a beautiful material, very luxurious. I love this bag so much, I think it's going to go with so many outfits. It's classy but has a pop of colour, it's going to go with a lot of things. It's wonderfully deep, I love it so much.'


vegan handbag with faux tweed and katie frances

Fuscia Field Tweed Handbag

'This is possibly my favourite of all of them, I'm so so excited... As soon as I saw this on their website I died and went to heaven. Look at her! I just want to eat her up. So lux, absolutely gorgeous. It's got this beautiful fuscia pink with it. It was so hard to pick the colour, but the fuscia one is stunning. It has a beautifully large pocket at the back here which is perfect for slipping in... whatever you might have. It's got this beautiful chain... and then the partition goes quite deep, there's a lot of room in there. I'm so impressed with the quality.'



Katie Frances and Bravia Onyx Handbag

Bravia Onyx Handbag

'I'll be sold with a staple black bag. It's always my go to. I've been meaning to invest in a really good black bag. I'm going to use this all the time. Look at that! Oh my goodness, so beautiful, stunning, the perfect size again! Just look at the quality. I love this so much, the attention to detail that's gone into this... Again has a beautiful deep inside... the back of the bag has a slimmer pocket. I love it so so much. That bag is going to style well with everything.'

paradisio polished satchel styling

Paradisio Polished Satchel

'Look at that colour! I'm blown away. The quality of this, and just the colours in real life... sometimes you look at things online and you think that's beautiful, but in real life it's not the same. I have to say, in person, this is better in person. The detail in this pattern, again that kind of faux snake look... I'm just blown away with that, stunning. That detail, I just can't even handle it!'


paradisio vegan wallet styling

Paradisio Wallet

'Oh wow, stunning. So many card holders, and a zip coin! I'm impressed, and there's even a back zip. The fact that these have all been hand crafted, just knowing someone has put love, attention and detail into each item, is unexplainable. You may have noticed that there are two little gold hooks that is for this gold chain. It feels extremely weighty and lux. Really decent length, so cool. The chain itself, you can just see is quality. This is going to go everywhere with me.'


Get all the details, and a surprise gift... 

Make sure to watch the video up the top of this page, to get all the details, and the run down on Katie's review. If you watch too, you'll find a little discount gift, if you see anything that you love.