Forget Animal Cruelty for Leather, the Future of Fashion is Fruit!

While conventional leather is made from dead animals and means cruelty and suffering, there's a better way - and it's pretty fruity! Cue faux leather made from otherwise wasted fruit. Now that's sustainable fashion. 


apple leather vegan purse and models

An apple leather purse from Samara

Why make leather from fruit?

Well over a billion animals are killed and skinned for leather every year. We love animals, and we hate animal cruelty. So, we think that ethical vegan bags are the solution.

At the same time, animal skins are terrible for the environment, and while the most common animal-free alternative to leather, PU faux leather, already halves the environmental impact of cow skin, fruity leather is even better for Mother Earth. 

Compared to completely synthetic, inorganic faux leather, fruit leather is:

  • At least partially made of biodegradable materials
  • Made from otherwise wasted plant-based materials
  • More sustainable

So what are the fruity, sustainable and cruelty-free options made of?


grape vegan leather fashion shoes

And Other Stories produced these beautiful sandal heels from grapes.


Pineapple leaf leather

Piñatex is made predominantly of pineapple plant leaves, which are normally discarded. Working with pineapples farmed ethically in the Philippines, using this otherwise wasted natural material economically supports rural community.

85-90% of the Piñatex material is made from these leaves and is 100% biodegradable. The thin top coating which protects the material is not. However, it is derived from renewable biomass, from other edible plants like sugarcane, sugar beet pulp, corn and cassava.

silver pineapple leaf leather bags and models

Pineapple leaf leather bags from the Kinds of Grace collection

Mango leather

A newer cruelty-free faux leather has been created from mangoes which are otherwise discarded from fruit markets. 

According to creators Fruitleather Rotterdam, 45% of all fruit grown globally is discarded between the field and the plate (in addition, fruit and vegetables represent 24% of the food thrown out by households and small businesses). The solution is surprisingly fashionable. 

Label Luxtra has created a beautiful collection from this material which is thick, sturdy and easily embossed to mimic the exotic patterns of crocodiles and snakes.

mango vegan leather crocodile embossed purse clutch

Luxtra London

Apple leather

This innovative material produced by NUUWAI among others is made of the crushed remnants from the apple juice industry. Think seeds, skins and cores that are otherwise thrown away, because they wouldn't be very nice in juice. 

The fruit waste is dried and crushed into a fine powder which is blended with PU faux leather ingredients to produce a 'leather' that is 50% fruit. 

Even famous leather label Mimco has recently released an apple leather luxury bag!


Mimco vegan apple leather handbag

Grape leather

VEGEA pioneered the creation of grape, or wine leather. Fruity, sustainable and animal cruelty free, this leather is made from the seeds, stalks and skins of grapes. When creating wine, like with apple juice, these parts of the fruit are otherwise wasted.

As with apple leather, the fruit elements are dried out and combined to produce a man-made, partly fruit-based leather. The environmental impact of this leather is amazingly reduced compared to animal skin, and PU faux leather.


grape vegan leather purse in purple


Which fruit leather would you most like to try, or see Kinds of Grace create with in the future? Now that there are so many innovative and kind options, there is no reason to support animal cruelty for fashion. Truly luxurious and ethical handbags are vegan handbags.