Five Cow Facts That Will Make You Fall In Love

Cows are sweet, sensitive, curious and clever animals, though we often don’t give them the chance to show it. Here are some facts about cows that will make you fall in love…

cows licking and kissing each other

Photo: National Geographic / Fernando Villalobos

One: Cows have best friends


Cows form strong friendships and have complex social structures and relationships. Within their social groups, many cows have best friends who they prefer to be around as much as possible. 

cute baby cow with rainbow


Photo: via Pinterest


Two: Cows get excited when they learn


Scientists who taught cows puzzles while measuring their heart rates learned something very sweet about cows. When they learn something new, and get that ‘eureka!’ moment where something clicks into place, they get excited.


cow playing with a ball

Gif: via Giphy


Three: Cows love to play games


Cows love playing games - from hide and seek to a game of chase or playing around with a ball!

cute baby cow and mother


Four: Cows are devoted parents and grandparents


Mother cows are extremely protective of their children (unfortunately they have to be, as the dairy industry takes their babies from them), putting themselves in between their babies and potential danger. Cow grandparents are devoted too, enjoying caring for their grandchildren while their own children forage for berries and food, knowing they’re babies are safe.

cows resting together

Photo: Sandra Seitamaa via Unsplash


Five: Cows feel more calm when they're together


Many cows experience stress when they are alone, preferring to engage with their peers. Cows sleep together as a group of friends and family, with closer friends sleeping closer together, and leaders of groups sleeping in ‘prime position’.