Chatting with Samara Josephine

Samara is a vegan blogger - you can find her posts covering plant-based recipes, mindset, the best vegan brunch spots, vegan beauty and fashion, and body positivity at @samarajosephine and @eatveganmelbourne!

What does ethical fashion mean to you? 

Ethical fashion to me is when a product has been made with care, compassion and sustainability in all elements of its production line. This includes fair payment of labour and treatment of staff as well as ethical materials that are cruelty free (non-animal).

samara josephine with kinds of grace bag in front of white fence

What does your perfect weekend look like?

I love changing up my weekends depending on my mood so sometimes a perfect weekend looks like a road trip down the coast or in-land for a long hike outdoors finishing off with a dip in the ocean or a picnic. Other weekends I love to dress up (cruelty free and vegan fashion of course) and spend time with friends or my boyfriend over a brunch and coffee at my favourite local or a new vegan friendly cafe in Melbourne - I love finding new places that have vegan options which is why I created my other account @eatveganmelbourne.  

delicious vegan food from cafes

Do you have a favourite animal, and why?

Honestly it's so hard to pick a favourite because I feel like I fall in love with so many of them but dogs, goats and cows are just so adorable.

cute baby calf with brown fur

What would you change about the world?

If I was to put it in a few words, I would love to see a more caring and compassionate world where there is greater understanding and respect between different groups of people. Of course I would also love to see a world where animals are treated with kindness and not as property or food when we can live a happy and fulfilling life without them having to suffer.

samara wearing blue dress next to flowers

Why did you choose our Peach Moonstone Satchel, and what do you love wearing it with?

I love that this satchel is unique in the design and and colours but also still has a luxury feel. I love wearing it because it adds a pop of colour to my outfits and has plenty of space to fit everything - including a water bottle because hydration is key haha. The best feeling is receiving compliments on the bag without people knowing that it's vegan and then seeing their reaction to such a gorgeous bag being vegan!

detail shot of kinds of grace ethical vegan bag