Chatting with Nadia from Animal Liberation

At Kinds of Grace we love speaking with women who inspire us. Women who have a great sense of style, but also of morality.

Nadia works for Animal Liberation, an organisation which, based on the principles set out in Peter Singer's book of the same name, has been saving lives since the 1970s. Nadia is the digital and social media strategist for this wonderful organisation. 

What do you do at Animal Liberation?

I run Animal Liberation’s social accounts, this involves a few different tasks from coming up with campaigns, to creating the graphics and videos, conducting research, writing blogs, and engaging with people on our posts. I also send out emails to our subscribers, help organise events – such as meetings, outreach events, and protests, and design magazines, posters, merchandise, and banners.


bulldog and pig looking similar to each other, writing says 'why love one but eat the other'

A beautifully thought provoking graphic made by Nadia 


What’s your favourite thing about what you do?

Apart from being able to spend my day raising awareness about animals, I love how my role encompasses so many different tasks and has great flexibility. I am constantly learning new skills. I also love that I get to work with such passionate and caring people.


What do you do when you’re feeling down?

Something I am working on is making sure that I take a break from talking about or looking at animal related issues. I love spending time with my fur-babies, taking them on adventures or just cuddling them, and being with people I care about. I try to spend time outdoors, going hiking or gardening. I also find that exercising regularly makes me more positive and is a huge stress reliever, as I can clear my mind and just focus on what I am doing.


cute white dogs


What’s one thing you wish everyone knew?

I wish everyone knew how animals feel - that people could know just how much suffering and pain animals experience for their food, clothing, and entertainment. I think this would help a lot of people adopt a vegan lifestyle.


Is there a particular animal you are most drawn to and why?

I obviously love all animals, but I am most drawn to cows. They are so inquisitive, sensitive, and playful - like giant grass puppies. Their long eyelashes and eyes just speak to me.


baby cow with brown and white patches


Even after becoming vegan, is there something that surprised you most about animal industries that you learned through work?

At first, everything kind of shocked me. When I became vegan I only thought about the animals dying aspect and that was enough to turn me. It wasn’t until I started at Animal Liberation, that I learnt about the horrendously cruel practices that come with farming animals. I think the practice that shocked me the most though, is how it is legal to kill piglets, calves, lambs, and goats with blunt force trauma.


cute baby goat willow creative co image


How are you going to style your bag, and which did you choose?

I chose the gorgeous Bravia Onyx Handbag! I can’t wait until I can leave the house to use it. I plan on styling it with a black denim jacket, cropped black tee, tartan mini skirt, and my chunky black faux leather boots.


nadia from animal liberation wearing kinds of grace bag