Chatting with Vegan Influencer @DaysLikeLaura

Laura is an ethical living blogger who shares whole foods plant-based recipes, ethical fashion looks and tips on how to live more sustainably. Laura is also the founder and designer of Plantdays Collective, which sells curated goods for sustainable, kind living. Visit Laura’s blog, Instagram and store now.


days like laura blogger wearing kinds of grace bag and striped shirt

1. What does ethical fashion mean to you?

Ethical fashion is all about choosing pieces that are kind on the planet, on people, and on animals. I think now people are becoming more aware of where their clothes come from and what goes into making them. It’s important that we look to break the cycle of fast fashion, by purchasing secondhand or vintage where we can. And if we choose to buy something new, it’s good to look at the carbon footprint of whatever it is. Do they use organic or upcycled materials? Are their factory workers being paid fair wages? These are questions we can begin to ask ourselves as we look to shop more sustainably.

laura wearing black outfit and black vegan wallet with crocodile texture

2. How did you become vegan?

I actually switched to a plant-based diet over 6 years ago. I’d just graduated from college, when I got really sick and went to the doctor. They told me I’d developed a dairy allergy and to cut it out completely. I didn’t know what to eat, because I’d been eating so much dairy all the time: pizza, cheese quesadillas, grilled cheese, ice cream, and so on. I never was a big meat eater, really I never liked steak, red meat, or pork. So it was quite easy for me to switch to plant-based (except for the dairy!). Luckily, I was living in Los Angeles at the time, so I found it really easy to find yummy vegan food when eating out. I started to test out recipes at home, making simple dishes with minimal ingredients. And that’s how I actually started my blog- because I wanted to share these simple, delicious recipes with everyone!


Plant Based Smoothie Bowl

3. What are the three tips you could give everyone to live a more sustainable life? 


  1. Building a conscious closet starts with greater awareness and the next garment you purchase, not by feeling guilty about the ones you already have. It’s okay if you have pieces that aren’t eco-friendly or are from fashion fashion shops like Zara or H&M. The most sustainable clothes are the ones you already own and want to keep wearing.

  2. If you want to lower your own carbon footprint, try making simple, manageable swaps that work for your lifestyle. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about making small changes that work for you and that you’ll stick with. It could be as simple as carrying around a reusable coffee cup or straw, setting up a recycling system in your house, or upcycling old clothes into dish rags.

  3. Good quality clothing is good for the planet because it lasts. Here are five wardrobe staples to buy for quality: winter coats, sweaters, handbags, jeans, and shoes.



laura pairing her kinds of grace vegan handbag with high waisted jeans and a baggy top

4. What does your perfect day look like?

I’ll get up around 10am and answer emails, while I have my morning coffee or matcha latte. I’ll go for a nice long run outdoors through the park, which will normally take around 1-1.5 hours. Then, I’ll shower and get ready for my day with my husband, Julian. We’ll make a nice lunch at home, then head out for some fun afternoon activity. My favorite place in the world to go is Disneyland! But we also love to go hiking, to explore the outlying islands like Lamma Island or Cheung Chau, or head to Causeway Bay and play arcade games. At night, we’ll grab sushi or veggie dim sum, two of my favorite cuisines! Then, we’ll go watch a movie at Pacific Place and end the night by cuddling in bed.


5. What Kinds of Grace bags do you have and how do you style them?

I have the Obsidian Orchid Tweed Handbag, which is the perfect size for everyday. I like wearing it in the summer with denim shorts and a linen top or a cute sundress. In the winter, I’ll throw it on with jeans and a cashmere sweater or vintage sweatshirt. Also, I have the Bravia Onyx Wallet which I actually use as a crossbody clutch with the gold-toned chain. It’s great for going out at night or to brunch with friends, because it can carry all my essentials. I’ll normally wear it with a dress and booties or a denim skirt and t-shirt.