Chatting with Alix Livingstone from Aussie Farms

At Kinds of Grace we love speaking with women who inspire us. Women who have a great sense of style, but also of morality.


alix livingstone vegan activist


Alix Livingstone is the Operations Director at Aussie Farms, now known as Farm Transparency Project, an organisation working to protect animals, particularly farmed animals from being used, harmed and killed. 

At Kinds of Grace we are very happy to donate a part of our profits from our handbags towards the work Alix and the rest of the Aussie Farms team do, including supporting their 'Dominion Experience' outreach work. 

We sent Alix our beautiful, snake and cow free Midnight Garnet Satchel, and chatted to her about the bag, her work and life...


You do amazing work fighting for the rights of animals, tell us about that?

I work as the operations director for an animal rights organisation called Aussie Farms. I primarily work on campaigns which seek to educate members of the public of the ways in which we use animals in Australia. Our aim as an organisation is to force transparency upon an industry that largely relies upon secrecy. We hope to help the public see animals for the individuals they are and not just as units of production. I believe when people do make that connection with animals they can no longer justifying paying for things that exploit them.


pig in farrowing crate


How do you stay positive when things feel bleak?

I feel what keeps me most positive is the people around me. I’m really fortunate that both of my parents followed my lead and made the switch to a vegan lifestyle. Since going vegan 4 years ago I have made an amazing tight knit group of friends, many of whom also work in the field of animal rights, so sharing that with them is pretty special too.

I also have my dog Wilson who is so resilient, regardless of the difficulties he faces, he doesn’t let much get him down and he just keeps on keeping on. He inspires me to keep moving forward even when things are really tough.


Do you have a favourite quote?

“From beasts we scorn as soulless,
In forest, field and den,
The cry goes up to witness
The soullessness of men.”
-M. Frida Hartley


goat at rose's refuge sanctuaryA happy rescued goat at a sanctuary, via Aussie Farms on Facebook.


What does ethical fashion mean to you?

Ethical fashion means kindness at every stage of production. Not only ensuring that the materials you wear haven’t contributed to harming animals, but ensuring that they haven’t harmed the environment or humans either.

Fair wages and safe working conditions for workers, materials not derived from harming animals, and environmentally sustainable materials which cause the least harm possible to our environment. These are all really important to me.


Which of our bags did you choose, and what do you think you’ll wear it with?

I chose the Midnight Garnet Satchel, I love vibrant reds that pop so this bag really caught my eye. I’m going to mix casual and more elegant pieces by wearing this bag with faded black ripped jeans, vegan leather military style boots and a minimalist t-shirt.


alix livingstone and vegan bag
Midnight Garnet Satchel, by Dillon Watkins Photography