8 Australian Vegan Designers Who’ve Gone Global


Down under designers, doin it worldwide...

Australians are spoiled for choice when it comes to delicious vegan restaurants and cafés, so it’s no surprise the country produces a large amount of talented and globally adored vegan fashion designers, too. Meet some of them below… 

Sans Beast

sans beast vegan handbag model nature

(Image from a Sans Beast collection) 

Sans Beast is the brain child of Melbournian Cathryn Wills. Wills previously was using her talents at luxury brand Mimco, as Managing and Creative Director, until she decided to go out on her own, and create bags that were free from animals. 

Since it’s creation, Sans Beast, which is made ethically in China, has earned itself a global cult following of chic fashion lovers – vegan and non-vegan alike.

Unreal Fur


unreal fur jacket on model

(Image via Unreal Fur Instagram)

Unreal Fur is a Melbourne based, top-tier label proudly producing vegan fur coats and products for those who want to look fabulous without the cruelty. 

The brand is stocked globally, at major stores with the likes of Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue , David Jones and Farfetch.



vegan twoobs sandal platform heels

(Image via Urban List)

Australian’s Jess and Stef Dadon are ‘How Two Live’: global fashion entrepreneurs, podcast creators, and founders of TWOOBS shoes. 

The pair travel the globe attending fashion week in New York, London and Paris, being interviewed by Grazia, featuring in Vogue for their street style, interview big names in the fashion world, and are generally fabulous, while wearing their own label vegan shoes.

The TWOOBS brand now has a cult following and is seen globally just as often as Jess and Stef are.

Kinds of Grace


Kinds of Grace is a Melbourne based label designed by Grace, and made ethically near Grace's home town of Hong Kong. Featuring bold animal prints and tweeds, plus pineapple leather metallic the label charts a different creative path from many.

The cruelty free bags are quickly gaining love internationally, especially across Australia and Asia. 

House of Zhivago

house of zhivago vegan model white dress

(Image via the Daily Mail)

This Australian brand creates beautiful silk-free gowns, as well as metallic vegan leather pieces, all completely luxurious, and completely vegan. 

Zhivago is the favourite brand for many celebrities including Khloe Kardashian, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Paris Hilton, Kylie Jenner among others. 

Zette Shoes

vegan style zette shoes sparkly

 (Image by Willow Creative Coof the most recent Zette Shoes collection)

Zette is the in-house brand from Vegan Style, one of the first Australian vegan shoe stores. With both women’s and men’s collections, this brand makes dressing with compassion and style easy.

Hand crafted ethically in Spain, Italy and Portugal, the collections are adored in Australia and across the globe. 

Ahimsa Collective

ahimsa collective cruelty free sustainable fashion

(Image by Willow Creative Co featuring Ahimsa Collective)

Created by two Australian women, Tessa and Susie, Ahimsa is bringing sustainable, ethical fashion into focus internationally. 

Exclusively using ultra sustainable materials like Pinatex, washable Forest Stewardship Certified paper, recycled and surplus materials to create their vegan bags, the brand has been seen in Vogue, showing that ethics never need to be compromised for fashion.

Time IV Change

time iv change vegan leather watch

(Image via Time IV Change)

The Australian brand known as the ‘original vegan watch brand’ is globally adored, and making a difference to animals. 

Using microfiber and Pinatex materials rather than animal skin, the watches have been seen worn internationally in magazines, and on the wrists of those at LA’s Vegan Fashion Week.


Author credit - many thanks to vegan model and founder of Willow Creative Co, Emma Hakansson for authoring this piece.  Emma is on Instagram @hakamme