7 Gorgeous Cruelty-Free ‘Snake Skin’ Bags


Snakes are stunning creatures...

Their smooth, scaly skin slithering across the earth is an image which fills humans with both fear and fascination. The admiration of the beauty of snakes has become so extreme that luxury fashion houses slaughter snakes so that their elegant and uniquely patterned skin can be turned into shoes, bags and wallets.

Snakes, being so different from humans or other mammals who clearly communicate through facial expressions and sound, are often misunderstood. However, snakes have been found to have friends, and many of the systems within their brain are similar to ours. Knowing how truly individual and lively snakes are, makes the reality of snake skin farming far more confronting. Pythons, the snakes often slaughtered for their skin, can live to be over 30 years old, however they are killed well before then, and often in agonisingly painful ways. 

Luckily, there are plenty of cruelty and animal free bags that look just as good, showing that we can admire and mimic the beautiful appearance of snakes, without harming and killing them. See some below!

Poppy Lissiman

poppy lissiman cruelty free vegan snake handbag

Made by a completely skin-free brand, produced ethically in Shenzhen and Guangzhou, China. The brand has stated that all their lining is recycled, too.


Denise Roobol

snake skin vegan bucket bag

This brand is certified vegan by Peta, and apparently ships their products (lined with biodegradable cotton) in sustainable packaging. The vegan materials used instead of leather and snakeskin are produced ethically in Hong Kong.



sustainable vegan cork leather purse snake skin pattern

This certified vegan brand exclusively uses environmentally friendly materials, like cork, a material from cork trees which is harvested without cutting down the trees. The bags are made ethically in the United Kingdom.


Kinds of Grace

vegan snake skin bag kinds of grace

This certified vegan luxury brand is made ethically near Hong Kong, where the designer, Grace, is from. The bags are lined with vegan silk, and the vegan snake skin and leather is made from polyurethane. The brand never uses PVC, which is an unsustainable material. The company also donates 20% of profits to wildlife charities.


svala vegan brand backpack bag

This vegan brand produces all their bags ethically in Los Angeles. The brand uses sustainable materials including those which are recycled as well as Pinatex, cork and polyurethane produced sustainably in Italy. 10% of the profits made by Svala are donated to charity, and the brand carbon offsets their shipping carbon footprint.


Sans Beast

sans beast snake skin bag

Urban Originals

vegan cruelty free black and white snake skin handbag

This brand uses certified vegan alternative skin materials like polyurethane, and never uses PVC which is more environmentally destructive. The bags are designed in Sydney and made ethically in China.


Author credit - many thanks to vegan model and founder of Willow Creative Co, Emma Hakansson for authoring this piece.  Emma is on Instagram @hakamme