6 Cruelty-Free Bag Brands Changing The Game

These vegan bag brands are putting animal cruelty out of fashion.


The cruelty-free revolution is picking up pace, and no it's, not just about cosmetics. Savvy accessory shopper now cares about what goes into the goods they buy as much as how they look, and for many, that means animal friendly materials.



animal cruelty leather vegan handbags

With advancements in fabrics, fur, leather and wool are being increasingly replaced by ethical and planet-friendly vegan alternatives.

So does that mean a compromise in style? Here's 6 up-and-coming vegan bag brands pushing creative boundaries and answering with a resounding no:

6. von Holzhausen vegan bags

vegan tan brown bucket bag

Vicki von Holzhausen began her successful career in the automotive industry.  After winning many honors, she sought to create a brand combining her technical expertise with ethical approaches to consumerism. Her products are directly sold through her website, making these bags not only sustainable, but affordable.  She has a assortment of large, medium and small bags include duffel bags, pouches, and totes- all up, a wide range of essential, easy to wear bags and accessories in timeless palettes.  What's not to love?

5. Doshi vegan bags

burgundy vegan leather handbag

Paras Doshi founded Doshi FCSA (fine clothes, shoes, and accessories) just a few years ago, to provide smart, fashionable, and quality vegan products.  Even though they are based in southern California, they want to share their ideas and cruelty-free products with the world.  There's a large range of great cruelty-free bags, briefcases, backpacks, wallets, and belts for men and women and follow the “First Five in the World” idea in which they donate 5% of net sales to nonprofits benefiting animals, people, and the environment.

4. PINKSTIX vegan bags

exotic vegan luxury handbag

What started out as a joke (when a couple of girls decided to paint a set of drumsticks pink as a joke) became the name for an empowering company.  From painting drumsticks a hot pink to positively display women power, this family business is on track with their cruelty-free company to make a huge statement to the world. All of their bags are vegan and PETA approved.

3. jeane and jax vegan bags

blue vegan exotic luxury handbag

Inspired by Montreal's multicultural surroundings and artistic flair, jeane and jax is a vegan handbag brand that encompasses the principles of ethical fashion while delivering quality, style, and affordability.  Their collection conveys an elevated and casual lifestyle to complement any mood or outfit.  They have a wide range of handbags, backpacks, laptop bags, totes, wallets and weekend bag, all certified lead free, PETA approved and environmentally friendly.

2. Urban Originals vegan bags

white luxury leather handbag vegan

Based out of Los Angeles and Sydney, this brand is both vegan and PETA certified as well as passionate about human rights ("choose kindness" is their motto), donating 10% of profits to that cause.  Their collections include drop-dead gorgeous bags that are uber practical.  Backpacks, clutches, travel bags, and cross body bags are just a few of the choices offered. 

1. Kinds of Grace vegan bags

colorful vegan luxury handbag

Last but not least, Kinds of Grace is a new brand created by Grace, a Hong Kong vegan designer living in Melbourne.  With the motto of True Beauty, Zero Cruelty, Grace's collection uses a range of ethical animal prints, tweed and vegan microfibers in both clutches and bags.  She also has a new Piñatex design using sustainable pineapple leather.  PETA certified and with social responsibility including supporting wildlife conservation, Grace's vibrant designs bring something new to the vegan accessories shopper.


The world of cruelty free accessories is blossoming - there's never been a better time to join the movement for ethical fashion!