5 Sustainable Christmas Gifts for Eco-Friendly Holidays

This Christmas, be kind not only to your loved ones, but to the planet and those who make your gifts. Have a quick look at these 5 ethical, eco friendly Christmas gift ideas we love, and that love the Earth.


kinds of grace gold vegan bag
Gifts for environmentally conscious people are generally vegan gifts, because of the impact of animal-derived materials.

1. A Kinds of Grace Vegan Bag

The first of our gorgeous ethical gift ideas is an ethically made vegan handbag that has a far reduced environmental impact compared to a leather one. It is a perfect eco friendly gift! Something to be treasured for years to come, this is a Christmas gift for someone special.

Did you know that cow skin leather is one of the most environmentally impactful materials of all? Or that the trade of wildlife like some crocodiles can bring serious risks of zoonotic disease to humanity?  This is why vegan leather is so important to the planet, and why this bag makes for a more eco friendly gift than a non-vegan bag. 

Kinds of Grace bags also give back 20% of their profits to organisations protecting the environment, wild and farmed animals. 

This Gilte Future Sheer Handbag is a part of the Kinds of Grace Christmas Edit. In this edit, any bag bought comes with a wallet that can be purchased for 50% off! Give both the wallet and bag as excellent environmentally friendly gifts, or please one lucky person for the sustainable holidays season. Or, keep one for yourself! You deserve it!


soy candle
Eco friendly candles make for beautiful environmentally friendly presents.

2. A Soy Wax Candle

A beautiful glass encased, soy wax candle like this one, which you can get from The Plant Society, is a wonderful eco friendly gift.  

Unlike paraffin candles which are synthetic, soy candles are nicer for your home environment, and more eco friendly. Held in glass, these candle casings can be recycled or repurposed easily, too, making for a great more zero waste gift.

A perfect eco friendly gift for someone you don't know too well - who doesn't love a candle? 

  • Bonus points! If you’re looking for the best homemade green Christmas gifts, you can buy wax online and make your own gifts made from recycled materials - by using a repurposed jar!


papa organic chocolate christmas gift selection
Delicious environmentally sustainable gifts you say? Try ethically sourced, eco friendly chocolate brand Pana!

3. A Vegan Chocolate Hamper

A selection of sustainably made, melt in your mouth chocolates is the sweetest gift for the dessert lover in your life.

We love Pana chocolate and their gift selections.

This chocolate is free from dairy, which means a far reduced environmental impact, due to the emissions which come from cattle farming. 

It's also wrapped in eco friendly, recyclable and compostable packaging. Perfect!



face theory skincare christmas gift idea
Eco friendly Christmas gifts come in all shapes and sizes - these small jars make up perfect ethical gift sets.

4. A Selection of Eco Friendly Skincare Products

Sustainably made skincare products are a perfect gift for anyone who needs to take some time for themselves to wind down, or for anyone who just loves self care!

Vegan products are more eco friendly because of the impacts of animal agriculture, but sustainable packaging is critical too. 

Face Theory offers cruelty-free, vegan skincare in glass and metal. These materials are more valuable and so more likely to be recycled (zero waste gift if you reuse the bottles!), and they don't support the crude oil industry. Not to mention, they feel gorgeous on your skin.


urban green planter
Seeking the perfect sustainable gift ideas for a green-thumbed friend? Biome has plenty of sustainable presents to choose from.

5. An Urban Gardening Starter

Less fashion and treat orientated, this is a great gift for someone who lives in an apartment, or who doesn't have much space, but who wants to grow their own herbs, strawberries, lettuce, or native plants.

Growing your own plants is very earth-friendly, and satisfying! Eating food you've garnished with your own grown herbs feels great.

Biome has lots of great sustainable gift ideas, including this UrbanGreens planter. They also have zero waste and reusable gifts. 


There are of course plenty of other sustainable gift ideas, but these are just some that we think are a good place to start! What eco friendly gifts might you give this festive season?