3 of Emma Watson's Vegan Fashion Looks We Love

Celebrity Emma Watson isn't vegan, but her love of ethical and sustainable clothing means she's been spotted many times wearing cruelty-free vegan fashion. These are a few of our favourite looks...

Emma Watson wearing vegan sneakers from Good Guys Don't Wear Leather

emma watson vegan leather shoe fashion looks

Good Guys Don't Wear Leather is a Parisian, ethically made cruelty-free fashion label. The 100% vegan shoes are made from all sorts of materials, including apple waste PU leather. 


Emma Watson wearing vegan heels from Susi Studio

emma watson vegan leather shoes and black dress

Susi Studio is an ethically made vegan shoe brand which uses faux leather, hemp, and recycled materials.


Emma Watson wearing a Stella McCartney vegan leather jacket 


emma watson vegan leather boots and ethical fashion outfit

Ethically made luxury label Stella McCartney has always opposed the use of animal skins due to the inherent animal cruelty in leather. This vegan leather jacket seems to be a favourite of Emma Watson's.


Vegan luxury fashion is cruelty-free, ethical and growing in popularity every day. High fashion celebrities have an opportunity to support kinder, more animal friendly materials. We're so glad Emma Watson chooses this kind option. 


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