6 Animal Friendly Self-Care Ideas

When you're feeling emotionally or physically run down, sometimes you just need a day or even just an hour to yourself. Some time to unwind.

When we're doing this, it's important to know that our rest and relaxation is not coming at the expense of someone else's suffering. Here are six ways to give yourself some love and care, without harming animals...


self care set up with vegan chocolate, candles and bath

One: Put on a nourishing, vegan face mask

Face masks that aren't vegan and that aren't certified cruelty-free are tested on sweet little rabbits, and contain all kinds of weird animal ingredients. Did you know some 'hydrating' skin products contain snail mucus?! 

Try out a vegan face mask instead. Our favourite is sustainably packaged, cruelty-free and vegan Kelp & Co, made with seaweed extract, aloe vera and clay, among other skin enriching ingredients.


vegan model wearing face mask


Two: Get yourself some soft, good night sleep sheets

Nothing is more replenishing than a good night of sleep. Treating yourself to some sustainable, silky smooth sheets is the perfect way to care for yourself extra well. 

Our favourite sheets are made of bamboo and they're from ettitude.


vegan ethical silk bed sheets in pink


Three: Do some journalling 

Write about your day, get it all out, note what's worrying you and feel it become a little more manageable once it's down on paper. Write a gratitude list, starting from the things we take most for granted - a roof over our head, a warm bed, fresh water.


journal writing for self care


Four: Give yourself a chocolatey vegan treat, you deserve it

Chocolate really does make everything better. But if it isn't vegan, dairy-free chocolate, it makes the lives of cows awful, and ends the lives of baby calves. 

There are plenty of delicious vegan chocolates, but we're pretty in love with Treat Dreams, which you can get online via the Cruelty Free Shop or Flora and Fauna


vegan chocolate and caramel block

Five: Light a beeswax free scented candle

There aren't many things more soothing than the gentle glow of a sweet scented candle floating through a darkened room. Allowing bees to keep their hard earned honey for themselves, our favourite candles are made of soy. 

There are plenty of these available, and there's a collection of vegan approved, sustainably packaged ones available via Flora and Fauna


vegan candle flame


Six: Listen to some chill music

Calming, mellow music is a perfect way to care for yourself and your energy.

We love Erykah Badu and her golden voice (and the fact that she's a vegan doesn't hurt either). 


vegan erykah badu portait