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Kind Label of the Week: Mila.Vert

Every week we share one of our favourite labels working to make the world more beautiful, and more importantly, more kind.

This week, we're featuring Mila.Vert, a beautiful ethical label which makes clothing in Slovenia, all vegan and sustainable.


All of Mila.Vert's pieces are cruelty-free, free from any animal materials, and PETA-approved. Instead of wool, the label uses soft organic cotton. Instead of silk, the label uses Tencel made from wood cellulose produced in a closed-loop system. 




The label crafts their clothes responsibly in Slovenia, in Europe. By having garments produced in the same place as they are designed, total transparency and traceability is ensured. Safe workplaces and fair wages are ensured for everyone in their supply chain. 

Unlike so many brands, Mila.Vert shares who they work with. One of the sewing companies they work with for example, is called Liniatex. The Slovenian company owned and ran by Saša and Dušan Rovanšek has been creating beautiful pieces for labels for more than 25 years. The label also shares their material suppliers, down to the raw fibre on farm.




The label uses beautiful materials that are kinder to nature. Organic cotton, hemp, bamboo. Almost all of Mila.Vert's garments are organic, natural and biodegradable.

With over consumption and production being a strain on the planet, Mila.Vert chooses to make everything to order. That way, nothing ever goes to waste - and will fit you perfectly!


You can find Mila.Vert online, on Facebook and Instagram.

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My team and I share a common mission - to help the world shift to accessories that are kinder on the planet and nature. We donate 20% of profits to support animal and environmental protection charities.

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