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| Grace Newstead

5 Celebs Rocking Vegan High Fashion


More than just a fashion fad...

Whether or not you’re vegan, it’s likely you’ll have noticed the shift in the fashion world towards kind, animal-free products. Celebrities, both vegan and not, are being seen more and more often wearing and promoting their ethical, animal-free fashion choices. Here are some of our favourite celebrity vegan fashion moments...

Rooney Mara 

Rooney Mara is a self-described ‘ethical vegan’, and co-founder of the high fashion label Hiraeth, which is committed to being entirely free from animal materials - fur, feathers, leather, wool, down, silk, the works. The brand is also made ethically in Los Angeles. 

Mara has since worn her designs to many events, such as the recent Golden Globes, which for the first time was catered to be entirely vegan. 

Miley Cyrus  

‘It’s so much cuter NOT to wear animals!’

Miley Cyrus is known for her vegan fashion looks, especially as she so often has high fashion labels make her custom vegan garments. Here she can be seen in a Chanel vegan leather-look skirt, as well as vegan leather boots and a bag.


Kim Kardashian West 

Kim Kardashian, who regularly speaks to the benefits of her plant-based diet, is now dressing fur free. While previously the celebrity has worn a huge amount of fur, she has since remade all of her favourite styles in animal-free fur. 

Meghan Markle (The Duchess of Sussex) 

The Duchess of Sussex is known for often opting for conscious fashion choices - brands that pay fair wages, that support marginalised communities, that empower women, and that are sustainable. 

Markle can be seen sporting the Stella McCartney x Adidas vegan leather sneaker in her down time.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson advocates for ethical fashion, sharing her outfits on The Press Tour, her Instagram account which promotes the kind and conscious brands that dress her. 

Watson regularly promotes animal-friendly brands, and is seen below in a Stella McCartney vegan leather jacket, and shoes by Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather.


Author credit - many thanks to vegan model and founder of Willow Creative Co, Emma Hakansson for authoring this piece.  Emma is on Instagram @hakamme

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Fashionista Love

Love this amazing, ethical, vegan handbag - I take it everywhere with me.

Jessica Sargeant, Australia

Vegan Influencer

I’m in love with the feel of the tweed and vegan leather!

Mia Sabathy, Hong Kong

Runner Up of Asia’s Next Top Model

Love the animal-friendly snakeskin! Fab to support new #veganfashion #womenowned sustainable businesses.

Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, U.S.A.

Founder of VAUTE - first vegan fashion line to appear at New York Fashion Week

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