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  • 7 Gorgeous Cruelty-Free ‘Snake Skin’ Bags

      Snakes are stunning creatures... Their smooth, scaly skin slithering across the earth is an image which fills humans with both fear and fascination. The admiration of the beauty of snakes has become so extreme that luxury fashion houses slaughter snakes so that their elegant and uniquely patt... View Post
  • Is Wearing Faux Leather Promoting Animal Cruelty?

      Faux or faux pas? Vegan materials have become so advanced that if you walk down the street and spot someone with a bag that’s seemingly made of calf or snake skin, you can no longer be certain that it really is. Unless there’s a designer logo visible that makes the material used obvious, the... View Post
  • 5 Celebs Rocking Vegan High Fashion

      More than just a fashion fad... Whether or not you’re vegan, it’s likely you’ll have noticed the shift in the fashion world towards kind, animal-free products. Celebrities, both vegan and not, are being seen more and more often wearing and promoting their ethical, animal-free fashion choices.... View Post